As we’ve mentioned countless times before, hiking is a wonderful springtime activity to enjoy with the family, and Squamish has plenty of trails to offer. But before you hit the trails, you might want to brush up on some helpful safety tips to ensure that you’re well prepared and your fun family outing doesn’t turn into anything unexpected.

First off, tell someone where you are going and never hike alone. Call your parents or a close friend and make it part of a casual conversation. That way, in the event that you happen to get lost or don’t make it back in the timeframe that you said, the person that you told can get in touch with the search-and-rescue crew to get you home safe and sound. Especially when hiking in the mountains, cell phone reception is extremely limited, if there is even any of all. Never rely on your cell phone to get you out of a jam. Despite being incredibly useful for many things, a safety blanket when hiking is not one of them.

Secondly, stock up on rations and bring lots of water. For those long and grueling hikes, your body will require much more water and nutrition than usual, especially if temperatures are warmer than usual. Having a well stocked backpack with enough food and water for the whole family will ensure than you have enough energy to complete your hike and get home safely. In the event that you get stranded or lost, it’s better to have things to sustain you until help arrives. As with the cell phones, don’t rely on the rivers to provide you with water. Although you may have been led to believe that glacier fed streams are clean and safe to drink, they can be contaminated with many different strains of bacteria which can lead to sickness.

Thirdly, pick a trail that is within your limits. If physical activity is a  rarity for you, do not pick a trail that is strenuous or will be hard on your body. Squamish offers plenty of trails for all skill levels so stick with the ones that you know you can tackle. Choosing a trail well beyond your physical limits greatly increases the risk of injury, or even death. Work your way slowly up to the harder ones.

Fourth, dress for the weather. If it’s raining, wear appropriate rain gear. If it’s sunny, dress light, but pack a warmer coat just in case of accidents or a change in the weather happens. Always make sure to wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes. Some of the trails around Squamish can be rocky and rugged, so open-toed sandals or loafers will not be appropriate. Hiking boots or running shoes should get the job done just fine.

Lastly, stay alert on the trails. There will be marked signs along the trails that will alert you to terrain changes and out-of-bounds areas, but it is also imperative that you keep an eye on your surroundings. Squamish is bear country and you are in their home. Keep active and loud on the trails to alert the bears of your presense. Often times, bears will stay away and not interfere, but they will approach if they feel threatened. If you do happen to encounter a bear on the trails, calmly turn around and walk the other way. Do not run. For additional bear safety, purchasing bear mace or a bear whistle may bring you extra comfort when navigating the trails. Get out there, have fun, and be safe on your hiking travels. For a list of hikes close near squamish, visit ExploreSquamish.

Spring is officially here! Time to put away those snow pants (unless you’re an avid skier who wishes to keep up the winter sport as long as possible) and break out the backpacks and hiking boots. But while Squamish offers plenty of hiking trails that we’ve already covered in detail, lets take a look at some of the other exciting activities that Squamish has to offer you this Spring.


It’s still a little too cold out to hit the lakes for swimming, but it’s just nice enough to start paddleboarding. Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned veteran, paddleboarding is a delightful activity that you should try out as soon as possible, and where better to begin than in Squamish, featuring scenic views on the Howe Sound. No matter your skill level check out Norm Hann Expeditions for group packages to get your paddleboarding journey started.

Rock Climbing

Driving along the sea-to-sky, you may notice some daring adventurers scaling the side of the Stawamus Chief. While that climb is breathtaking, it’s also above the skill level of many rock climbers. Luckily for them, Squamish offers many beginner friendly rock faces for you to scale, as well as more challenging ventures once you’re more skilled and confident.

Total newbie to rock climbing? You’re still in luck. Rock climbing courses and guided group climbing sessions are also an option! Canada West Mountain School Intro Classes and Mountain Skills Academy and Adventures are great places to check out and get you on the right path to safe rock climbing.


A springtime classic. The Squamish Valley Golf Club is officially open for tee time! Enjoy the full course or practice your swings at the driving range, then hit up the restaurant afterwards for a hearty meal. With specials like meatless Mondays, fish and chips Thursday, and an all-you-can-eat pasta buffet every Friday, there’s no reason not to go.

Keep your eyes peeled this April as well when Furry Creek Golf reopens their doors.

Whether you’re Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a great time of the year to round up your friends and check out the local pubs and breweries around town. More often than not, they’ll have cooked up a special drink that will only be around for the day or the weekend, so before the sun sets on St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to check out everyone on the list below.


First up is the Howe Sound Brew Pub. This pub has everything that you will need this St. Patrick’s Day from Irish music, dancing, and pub-style Irish food to accompany their signature stout that they will be featuring on tap.

Stay long enough until 9pm and that will be when the party really begins. DJ Old Fashion will be hitting the stage to keep you entertained all night long. And of course, to keep in the spirit of things, be sure to dress up in your best costumes, or at the very least, wear something green. The wackier the better is encouraged.


Head to toe, Backcountry Brewing will be decked out in festive greens this St. Patrick’s Day. The brewery already has a solid reputation as being one of the hottest places to be on Saturday night, and St. Patrick’s Day will not be an exception.


If you’re looking for something with a little more adventure, then A-Frame Brewing has you covered as they will be hosting a Photo Treasure Hunt!

Taken directly from their website, the event goes something like this:

“Rally your team of up to 6 together for a fun-filled day, taking you to some of our favorite sites and places around town!

Accumulate points for the pictures you take and make it back in the best time (#SafetyFirst #NoSpeeding) to be crowned champions of our 2nd Annual Photo Treasure Hunt! Start and complete the hunt between 1 – 6 PM on Sunday, March 17th.

**Extra points for teams daring to do this by bike!**

Après hunt, join us back to the brewery for some St.Patty’s Day beer specials & live music by Marc Charron from 4 pm-close.

We have a big pot o’ PRIZES for the overall winning team and some best photo pics will be awarded throughout the day too! Thank you to these local business buddies for generously adding to our prize pot: KNWN, Airhouse, Gillespies Fine Spirits, XOCO West Coast Chocolate, Valhalla Pure Outfitters , Breathe , Northyards Cider Co , Cliffside Cider , 99 Detail Center, Wild Life Gym and Beaver Wax more!

Pre-register your team and collect full details by emailing or pop by the Tasting Room and ask one of our crew!”

These are only a few of the places that you can hit up this St. Patrick’s Day, but no matter where you go, remember to have fun, drink responsibly, and enjoy all that Squamish has to offer you this St. Patrick’s Day.

Ready for a change of pace and environment? Are you ready to move away from the city and replace the view of skyscrapers with mountains? Then Squamish just might be the place for you, and we’ve got many reasons why you should call Squamish your next home.

Squamish is for the nature lovers, the adventure enthusiasts, and most importantly: the family. Nowhere else in BC can you find a place as vibrant as the mountain town where you can enjoy a plethora of activities all year round. In the warmer months, you have biking, hiking, fishing, and boating, and then when the snow falls, it’s time to whip out the skis and snowboards and hit the slopes. But even with all of these, Squamish is just a beautiful place to be. Even though it grows in size every year, Squamish still has that small town feeling that makes you feel welcome, and the residents prove that even more.

Because of its growing size, Squamish has transformed itself from a tiny logging town into a place of opportunity. Where one or two cafes stood, now boasts restaurants, local boutiques, retailers, gyms, and just about everything else that you would be able to find in Vancouver. Entreprenuers are flocking in every year to get their foot in the door as Squamish has porven to be one of the most vibrant and fastest growing neighbourhoods.

Squamish is friendly for all ages, but in recent times, it seems to have become a new hub for young families. In fact, according to the census, the average age of Squamish residents is 38, though the community is quite diverse and has something for every age group. Maybe it’s the fresh mountain air that makes people want to raise their families here, or maybe it’s the feeling of belonging that the residents feel from being so connected to one another. Either way, if you’re looking to make lifelong friends, Squamish is the place for you.

If you’re serious about moving to Squamish, we still have homes available at beautiful Cleveland Gardens. But hurry! They’re selling fast and there’s no telling when another opportunity like this will arise. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and set up a viewing. We’d love to make you part of the Squamish family.

You may remember back in 2016 when the Canadian provincial government signed off on a project that would grant Squamish to build an all-season mountain resort on the well-known Brohm Ridge which lies just five minutes north of the mountainside village.

Since it was granted environmental approval, the project seems to be headed forward in a positive direction, with construction slated to start by 2023 if everything goes as planned. There are still a few loose ends to tie up before the project is given the go-ahead, but many are positive of the outcome.

The $3.5 billion resort would concentrate on mountain biking and hiking during the warmer months, and then shift gears and focus on skiing and snowboarding during the winter months. This would give tourists and locals alike another option for their activities. The size of the resort is planned to be smaller than Whistler, but larger than Grouse with 1,635 acres of ski and snowboard terrain, 131 trails for hikers and bikers, 21 lifts, and able to accommodate a whopping 17,538 people.

The resort will also bring with it job opportunities, with 5,000 being needed for the construction alone, and then 3,000 once the job is completed to work around the resort. It is also being reported that as part of an affordable housing program, up to 12.5% of the beds located at the resort will be reserved specifically for employees.

Other activities at the resort will include an alpine roller coaster, a bike park, ice skating, and snow tubing, with an indoor activity center and sleigh rides also being considered for possible attractions.

For those wishing to reach the proposed resort, a shuttle will be available, as well as bus service from Squamish.

As the months go on, we’ll learn more about the final decision on the resort,

Whether you’ve been to Squamish or just driven past the town, you’ve witnessed its ethereal beauty and jaw-dropping views. Squamish is well known for its scenery and as a result has many trails for nature enthusiasts and explorers to enjoy. To keep this list inclusive for the entire family, we’ve left out the more intense hikes such as the Stawamus Chief and have stuck to the easier hikes that capture the beauty of Squamish. And with that said, here are the top four trails in Squamish that you need to explore with your family this upcoming Spring.

1. Shannon Falls

This one’s a classic and definitely one for the waterfall lovers. Located just off of the sea-to-sky highway, this park provides plenty of parking space, a public washroom, and a few scattered picnic tables at the base to enjoy a picnic lunch. The trail/hike to the waterfall itself is fairly short and takes the average person about 10-15 minutes to reach the top where you can witness Shannon Falls in all of its glory.

Please mind the area cut offs and don’t venture outside of the safety zone. While Shannon Fall is beautiful, it is best viewed from a distance.

2. Brohm Lake

This lake is extremely popular during the warm summer months where tourists and locals alike flock to the water’s edge for an afternoon swim. Therefore, in order to secure a parking spot, it is advised to arrive as early in the day as possible. The east side of the lake contains the beach, but if you’re coming for the trails and some quiet time, stick to the west side where you can take in the wonders of the lush forest trails.

3. Alpine Alley

This one is especially fun for families with younger children or for those who want to learn a little about the area around them. Starting at the sea-to-sky gondola, this guided hike takes place every weekend, with a tour guide leading you along as you search for their “lost hiking gear.” Along the way, you’ll learn about the various wildlife in the area. However, if you’ve taken the guided tour before or if you’d like to skip it all together, you can take the hike solo. Be sure to pick up a scavenger hunt card through before you begin! If you present your completed card at the end, you’re in for a special surprise. What that surprise is, however, you’ll have to find that out for yourself.

4. Four Lakes Trails

Looking for something a little longer? This 2-3 hour loop features four lakes: Alice, Fawn, Edith, and Stump. Despite its long walking time, Four Lakes Trail is gentle with only very brief steep sections that are easy to navigate and shouldn’t give you any trouble. If you’re craving a break or a cool down afterwards, Alice Lake has many beaches for you to enjoy.

This list is in no way exhaustive. There are many more trails for the family to explore and enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Pack up those sandwiches, fill up those water bottles, and get exploring.