If you’re looking for something exciting to do this Spring besides hitting the trails, Squamish has tons of activities for you and the family to enjoy. Some of the activities on this list will take up a good chunk of the day, so plan wisely if you already have commitments later on in the day.

Squamish Half-Day Rock Climbing

Duration: 3 ½ hours (approx.)

Departure Time: 8:30am

Location: Meet @ Squamish Adventure Center (unless otherwise stated at time of booking.)

Suitable for all levels of rock climbers, this guided tour will give you the chance to safely navigate the craggy mountain sides of Squamish and learn some valuable things along the way. All equipment is provided, including: shoes, harness, helmet, and ropes. Transportation and snacks, however, will have to be supplied by you, so plan ahead!

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Sea-to-Sky Afternoon Sailing

Duration: 3 hours (approx.)

Departure Time: Varies

Location: Depart from 37802 Loggers Lane

Heights not your thing and you’d rather be out on the water? What better way to spend the afternoon than being on a boat. With a maximum of 6 passengers, enjoy a beautiful scenic trip on the Howe Sound. Snacks and drinks are provided, with the chance of even coming across a pod of orcas or dolphins! Many photo opportunities await you on this gorgeous round-trip.

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Sea-to-Sky Highway Adventure

Duration: 7 hours (approx.)

Departure Time: 10:00am

Location: Downtown Vancouver. Hotel pick-up from Richmond and Vancouver can also be arranged by request.

If you’re a resident of Squamish, you’ve probably experienced everything this tour has to offer, but it is still jam packed with fun filled activities for the whole families. Out-of-towners will love this one especially as this day long tour takes you to the most exciting locations along the sea-to-sky highway, including:

  • A trip to Shannon Falls
  • Sea-to-Sky Gondola ride
  • Nature walk at the top of the gondola
  • A walk across the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge
  • A trip to the Britannia Mine Museum

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Calling all families! Mark your calendars for April 21st, 2019 because from 10am-2pm, the Summit Lodge at the Sea-to-Sky Gondola will be hosting their annual Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch. A reservation is required to attend the brunch, as well as a pre-payment, so be sure to call 604-892-2551 to secure your spot! The Easter Egg Hunt is complimentary with a valid day/season pass so make a day out of it when the event ends.


The egg hunt takes places on one of the Summit Trails at 10:30am. Collect chocolate eggs along the way and spend as long as you like doing so, but keep in mind that the event ends at 12pm.

Egg hunting not your child’s thing? No problem! Visit the Summit Lodge for face painting and arts and crafts. Both activities will run from 10:30am-12:30pm so don’t miss out!


Explore your options on the following menu before making reservations. Spaces are limited so secure your family’s spot as soon as possible by calling 604-892-2551. Brunch will be served at two different times: 10am and 12pm, so please specify which you would like to attend.


  • Orange juice, Apple juice and Cranberry juice
  • Coffee and Tea

Continental Breakfast Dishes

  • Assorted fresh baked pastries, cinnamon buns and fruit compote
  • Yogurt Parfait, Fresh Fruit Cups

Brunch Dishes

  • Baked egg cups with Hollandaise or Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
  • Scrambled eggs, Two Rivers bacon & breakfast sausages
  • Roasted red pepper and goat cheese frittata
  • Roasted root vegetables
  • Assorted smoothie bowls


  • Assorted fresh pastries: cakes, squares and Easter cookies

Make this Easter your most memorable Easter yet! Hope to see you there!

Last week, we went over some basic safety tips on what to know before you go hiking. This week, we’re going to expand on that and let you know the 10 most important items to have in your backpack before you go on your trek through the woods. Some of these you may not even have to use, but in the case that things don’t go as planned, it is better to be prepared than find yourself without.

Flashlight – Especially if you’re planning an all-day trip, pack a flashlight or a head lamp, and don’t forget some extra batteries. It gets darker in the forest than other areas since you’re usually covered by a canopy of trees so a good working flashlight will ensure that you can safely find your way out of the woods and avoid falling or taking a wrong turn.

Fire-making Kit – This is one of those items that you should pack just in case. Waterproof matches or a lighter will work just fine. Should you be stuck in the woods at night, having warmth from the fire will make a huge difference and ensure your survival. Be fire conscious and build it in an area where sparks will not fly off and start a brush fire, especially in the dry summer. Dig a hole and surround it with rocks for extra cautionary measures and never leave it unattended. When you are finished, stomp out all the embers.

Signalling Device – Again, this is another item that you may not need, but is extremely helpful in the case of an emergency. A loud whistle or a similar device will signal rescuers to your area and get you to safety. This item is especially handy if you get injured.

Food and Water – Sandwiches, protein bars, trail mix, and anything else that you can easily carry will keep your energy high and get you through your hike. Large canteens filled with water with extra water bottles on the side are essential to have, especially in the summer.

Extra Clothing – As every mother has said before: “you can always take your jacket off, but you can’t put it on if you don’t have it.” We may have found this irritating as kids to lug around an extra jacket or sweater, but in this case, it turns out mom was right. Even if it’s just a light rain jacket, having something to put on for extra protection in case the weather changes keeps you safe, warm, and cry.

Map/Compass – As we mentioned in our last blog, your phone’s GPS is not reliable and you shouldn’t rely on technology to keep you safe. A compass or a map is your best option.

First Aid Kit – Your first-aid kit doesn’t have to be anything special. Just the essentials such as bandaids, gauze, tape, hydrogen peroxide, and a tensor bandage will do the trick. Be sure you know how to use all of these items before embarking on your trip.

Remember, pack for the weather. If it’s sunny out, wear a hat and sunblock. If it’s raining, bring a raincoat or postpone the trip if it becomes too dangerous. Trust your instincts, stay safe, and happy hiking.