Everyone dreams of owning a place of their own one day, of getting out of the cycle of renting and being free of the mentality that renting is basically the same as burning money. But while you may be eager to leave your apartment and immediately start searching for a detached house, consider investing in a condo. Take a look at these four reasons why a condo may be the better choice for you.

The Price

Condos are significantly less expensive than houses, but it all depends on your area as well. However, not a lot of people have a lot of money when they’re looking for their first place, but a condo makes a great place for them to start. Condos come with a smaller down payment, which of course leads to smaller monthly payments and smaller bills as the square footage of a condo is not as grand as a house.

Maintenance and Repairs

The only repairs and maintenance that condo owners have to deal with is anything that happens on the inside of the condo. Exteriors are taken care of by the strata or other organizations that oversee the upkeep of the condo building. Therefore, owners are not required to mow lawns, trim hedges, clean out gutters, or power-wash grime off of the sidings of their home, which leaves a lot of time and money that can be spent on other things.


Condos are often centrally located and surrounded by everything that an owner could ask for. Particularly condominiums that are in the downtown area, owners are steps away from shops, restaurants, theatres, and public transportation. Being close to all these places also opens up job opportunities and quicker commute times, versus a homeowner who may be far from these things and living in the suburbs.


Condos are often packed with additional perks that come with the residence. Amenities such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, steam rooms, yoga studios, community gardens, and many more may be available to you free of charge without ever having to leave the grounds. Although richer homeowners may have some of these, they come at a cost, and a house with a pool needs to be maintained and have money put into it, vs condo owners not having to deal with any of the care of the amenities listed.

Although houses are deemed as the end game for most people, there are so many reasons why a condo is suitable for a small family and the better investment. Still unsure though if a condo is right for you? Consider renting one for a year to see if the lifestyle fits yours without putting in a large money commitment. If this article sold you on getting a condo, consider Cleveland Gardens as your next great adventure. We can’t wait to have you here.

The neighbourhood in which the home you’re looking at is in can either make or break your decision on whether to purchase it or not. If it’s your first time in Squamish, you may not know about the different neighbourhoods and what each one of them has in store. So, before making the move, why not scroll further down to find out more about each one.


If you want to be within a 30min driving distance to the beautiful touristic town of Whistler, Brackendale is the neighbourhood for you. Located in northern Squamish, Brackendale is a valley that has a good mix of nature aspects for the ones who prefer a quieter neighbourhood with plenty of green spaces and the Squamish River running through the heart of it, while also catering to those who like to be close near amenities like cafes and other small shops. For larger scale amenities, Brackendale is only a quick 10min drive to downtown Squamish.

Garibaldi Highlands

The Garibaldi Highlands are about as suburban as you can get with hardly any noise from the surrounding areas. That’s mainly because Garibaldi Highlands is located on a hill surrounded by trees and mountains, perfect for hiker enthusiasts who need to be close by trails and parks for a good time. The area also features the prestigious Quest University, a highly sought after liberal arts school, and panoramic views of the ocean and valleys below. Shops are located just 5min  away by car.

Central Squamish

Central Squamish hosts a variety of smaller communities consisting of Brennan Park, Dentville/Northyards, and Garibaldi Estates. All these neighbourhoods are located on flat terrain, making it perfect for those who like to get around by bicycle.

Northyards, Dentville, and Brennan Park are all currently under developed and not as established as Garibaldi Estates. All areas are currently undergoing condo and townhome developments, but are expected to flourish as they are centrally located to all major shops and hubs.


Probably the most popular neighbourhood, downtown Squamish has seen a massive population boost over the last little while, leading to a high demand for condos and townhomes alike. Although noisier than the other areas, due to it being so close to everything you could possibly need, many people choose to move to this area for the convenience. And that’s a perfectly valid reason. Downtown Squamish is home to Save-On-Foods, Nesters Market, and two large shopping centers that house popular retail stores. Both an elementary and secondary school are centrally located as well for families with both younger and older children.


At the southern end of Squamish sits Valleycliffe, located on a cliff with panoramic views of the beautiful Howe Sound. This neighbourhood is perfect for residents who want to escape the city and live in nature, but are at the best location for visiting both Vancouver and Downtown Squamish with limited driving time. Valleycliffe also has its own little gems to avoid going downtown with a convenience store, cafe, gym, and other small shops.

Squamish Valley/Rural Squamish

For the true nature experience, Squamish Valley is the place to be. Up in the mountains, far away from the busy city, this area mostly caters to farmers and those who don’t care about having no cell service as it cuts out around the 10 mile marker up the mountain. However, it isn’t totally off the grid. The Squamish Valley has a school–the Coast Mountain Outdoor School. See? Even the school is as close to nature as possible.

Hopefully this has given you a better idea of what to expect when moving to the Squamish area. With these things in mind, as well as the help of a realtor, we guarantee you’ll make the right decision and love your life in the beautiful city of Squamish.

Contrary to popular belief there is a best and worst time to invest in real estate, and as luck would have it, the best time to invest in real estate is coming up really quick in the next month. Due to many factors, which we’ll explore in detail, Winter is the best time for hungry homebuyers to jump into the real estate market. Why the Winter over the other seasons and months of the year? Let’s take a closer look.


Although there will be significantly less units on the market during the Winter, the ones that are are competing fiercely against one another to get sold as the Winter is the slowest time of year for home selling. Because of this, some sellers will smartly take their homes off the market to avoid giving homebuyers the impression that there is something wrong with the house because of how long it has been on the market. Those who keep them up become pressured by potential buyers for a deal as they can use the long market time to their advantage and get a deal on a great home.


In the same vein, those who keep their houses on the market and not know about the Winter slump, will feel the need to steadily reduce the price of their home in order to get it sold. Savvy buyers can identify these homes and strike when the time is right, using the seller’s desperation to get the best deal on the house as possible, thus having the upper hand in any real estate transaction that they pursue. 


With very few buyers on the market, you stand out as a diamond in the rough to a seller who is eager to sell before the end of the year. The deal that you put on the table is more than likely to be accepted than for the seller to reject your offer and wait for someone better to come along, if someone comes along at all.


It’s common knowledge that moving is a less than desirable task, but very few people are willing to pack up their things and move to a new home in the dead of Winter or around the times of the holidays. Thus, there are very few buyers who are looking to close a deal, much less go house hunting in freezing temperatures. The timing for families is also not right which removes them from the competition as they may have school aged children who need to complete their school year before the family can begin searching for a new home.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in search for a new home, the time to start is now. 

If you’ve been searching for a home in Squamish but haven’t found your perfect fit, book a showing at Cleveland Gardens and we’re certain you’ll fall in love. There are many condo complexes within Squamish, but let’s go over what makes Cleveland Gardens special and sets it apart from the rest. 


Featuring panoramic mountain views and luxury grade comfort, invite your family and friends over for a BBQ they’ll never forget. The rooftop patio at Cleveland Gardens comes with built-in BBQ’s and a lounge area for guests to unwind and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Should the weather turn sour, the lounge area has a covered area to take shelter in until the weather subsides.


Cleveland Gardens boasts an open floor plan, complete with 9’ ceilings, minimalist-inspired fixtures, and aesthetically pleasing neutral tones throughout each unit. For nature lovers, large windows and balconies bring the sense that the mountains are in your backyard. These, as well as the rest of the features, create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, giving the tenants a feeling of tranquility and home.


No condo is complete without high-end, energy efficient, stainless steel kitchen appliances. Appliances provided by Cleveland Gardens include a microwave, hood fan, dishwasher, top mount fridge, gas cooktop, and oven. Quartz countertops which are resistant to staining polish off the kitchen, and a gas fireplace is placed in every unit.


Walk-in closets, available in every master bedroom, give tenants the freedom and space to fill their room with tasteful decor.


No need to take your laundry down to the laundry room or search your town for a local laundromat. A washer and dryer is provided in every unit, as well as a hot water tank.


If you’re looking to escape the noise of the city, Cleveland Gardens is the place for you. Not only are you close to nature and far from the sirens and speeding cars, but Cleveland Gardens itself has gone to great lengths to ensure that it really is as peaceful as possible. Installations such as double glazed windows, acoustic membranes in the floor, and cast drain pipes all contribute to a tranquil home environment.


Cleveland Gardens comes complete with a bike room, a secured parking area for drivers, and easy, accessible elevator access.

To book a showing, contact us directly by calling 604.815.1737 or by visiting our website clevelandgardens.ca/contact.