Have you procrastinated all December and are not stuck on what to get your family for gifts? Never fear, because here are a few gift ideas that you can get for the whole family to enjoy.

Airhouse Sports Academy

The airhouse sports academy is a blast for everyone to enjoy, rain or shine. Looking to learn some cool tricks? A local pro is there to help you master all kinds of flips and jumps. Into gymnastics or parkour? You can do that here too. There’s even an area to skateboard. Age requirements vary on what area you want to play in. It goes from 18 months for the gymnastics area and 3+ for the trampolines to ensure safety

.Britannia Mine Museum Family Pass

The Britannia Mine Museum is so much more than a tour through the mines. With interactive exhibits that will entertain the family for hours, a film experience, and a chance to ride in a real minecart, your entire family is ready for the afternoon of a lifetime. Try out the gold panning, or take a walk through the historic buildings for a day of fun and learning. And the best part? The museum is open year-round and there are no age restrictions.

Rope Runner Aerial Adventure Park

For kids over the age of 7 and families that aren’t afraid of heights, give the gift of adventure with a pass to the Rope Runner Aerial Adventure Park. Suspended 17 metres above the ground, go through an obstacle course that has different routes for different comfort levels. For the ultimate daredevil in the family, try out the 17-metre free fall. The park is open from April to October.

If you live in the city, the stars are hidden from you from all the light pollution, but in Squamish, you can see the stars in all their beautiful, natural glory, and we have a list of where you can get the best view.


Shooting stars and clear sights of the milky way your thing? Then whip out your camera and head to Watersprite Lake in the Squamish backcountry. Although this area is most popular in the Spring-early Fall months, backcountry skiing is a popular activity in these parts and can be used rather than the hiking trail to reach the perfect lookout.


Porteau Cove is perfect for stargazing as the area is completely void of any lights that might tamper with the view. It even comes with its own viewing deck so those into photography can set up a tripod and get some Instagram worthy shots. 


Popular in the summer for its beauty, Elfin Lakes can also be enjoyed in the later months of the year for stargazing at a hut located with Garibaldi Provincial Park. Getting to the hut is no small feat. A roundtrip hike is around 22km, but it is accessible by snowhoeing in the snow.


For an easy to reach place that requires no hiking whatsoever, drive 10 minutes north of Squamish to the Tantalus Lookout. With a backdrop of the mountains that continuously have snow on them, this is another place that is popular with photographers.