Whether you’ve been to Squamish or just driven past the town, you’ve witnessed its ethereal beauty and jaw-dropping views. Squamish is well known for its scenery and as a result has many trails for nature enthusiasts and explorers to enjoy. To keep this list inclusive for the entire family, we’ve left out the more intense hikes such as the Stawamus Chief and have stuck to the easier hikes that capture the beauty of Squamish. And with that said, here are the top four trails in Squamish that you need to explore with your family this upcoming Spring.

1. Shannon Falls

This one’s a classic and definitely one for the waterfall lovers. Located just off of the sea-to-sky highway, this park provides plenty of parking space, a public washroom, and a few scattered picnic tables at the base to enjoy a picnic lunch. The trail/hike to the waterfall itself is fairly short and takes the average person about 10-15 minutes to reach the top where you can witness Shannon Falls in all of its glory.

Please mind the area cut offs and don’t venture outside of the safety zone. While Shannon Fall is beautiful, it is best viewed from a distance.

2. Brohm Lake

This lake is extremely popular during the warm summer months where tourists and locals alike flock to the water’s edge for an afternoon swim. Therefore, in order to secure a parking spot, it is advised to arrive as early in the day as possible. The east side of the lake contains the beach, but if you’re coming for the trails and some quiet time, stick to the west side where you can take in the wonders of the lush forest trails.

3. Alpine Alley

This one is especially fun for families with younger children or for those who want to learn a little about the area around them. Starting at the sea-to-sky gondola, this guided hike takes place every weekend, with a tour guide leading you along as you search for their “lost hiking gear.” Along the way, you’ll learn about the various wildlife in the area. However, if you’ve taken the guided tour before or if you’d like to skip it all together, you can take the hike solo. Be sure to pick up a scavenger hunt card through before you begin! If you present your completed card at the end, you’re in for a special surprise. What that surprise is, however, you’ll have to find that out for yourself.

4. Four Lakes Trails

Looking for something a little longer? This 2-3 hour loop features four lakes: Alice, Fawn, Edith, and Stump. Despite its long walking time, Four Lakes Trail is gentle with only very brief steep sections that are easy to navigate and shouldn’t give you any trouble. If you’re craving a break or a cool down afterwards, Alice Lake has many beaches for you to enjoy.

This list is in no way exhaustive. There are many more trails for the family to explore and enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Pack up those sandwiches, fill up those water bottles, and get exploring.