Bust out the tents and the bug spray because it’s camping season, and where better to camp than in the beautiful wilderness of Squamish? Squamish boasts some of the best campsites in all of BC, but in order to snag a spot at the most popular ones, you’ll need to act fast and plan ahead as they fill up quickly. Here are 6 of the most popular camping spots around Squamish that you and your family can enjoy this beautiful summer.

1. Alice Lake Provincial Park: Alice Lake has something for everyone, making it one of the most family-friendly campsites around. The park is comprised of four lakes which means ample fishing opportunities (with the right licence), and many hiking and biking trails in the area. The other great thing about Alice Lake is the price. Compared to other campsites, Alice Lake boasts some of the best prices around with rates as low as $35 per party per night. Seniors get an even better deal at $17.50 per night. Therefore, reservations are strongly recommended to secure your spot. Walk-ins are allowed at a lower price, but it’s a huge gamble whether or not you’ll be able to snag a coveted spot.

2. Cat Lake Campground: Cat Lake is another popular choice for those who don’t want a busy campground. This campground also has a lake that is available to swim in and is conveniently located 20 minutes away from downtown Squamish. Cat Lake unfortunately does not take reservations and the road to get to the campground is incredibly bumpy, but with the appealing price of $15 per night, it’s still a good choice for a family on a budget.

3. Kalahine Campground: For over 50 years, Kalahine Campground has been a popular choice and a bucket list destination for all camping enthusisats. This campground hosts a multitude of activities including, but not limited to: hiking, kayaking, windsurfing, and scuba diving. With only 150 campsites available ranging from $35-$40 per night, reservations are strongly recommended to secure your spot.

4. Mamquam River Campground: Another budget friendly campground is the Mamquam River Campground. This one truly embodies the spirit of old-school camping as it has no running water available and is tent-only, meaning no RV’s allowed. This campground boasts incredible views since it’s located near a beautiful river, and at the low price of $15 per night, it’s worth considering.

5. Mountain Fun Base Camp: MTN Fun Base Camp is a great place to camp for the whole family and has fully serviced RV sites that run from $55-$65 per night. Tent campsites are also available from $40-$43 per night. However, there are also cabins available to rent for those who want a completely different camping experience. MTN Fun Base Camp has many trails around the area, perfect for hikers and bikers of all skill levels. Reservations are strongly recommended.

6. Stawamus Chief Provincial Park: Although there are limited campsites at just 62, Stawamus Chief Provincial Park is another on the bucket list for camping and climbing enthusiasts. Only 15 of the sites are able to be accessed by car while the rest are only accessible by foot. Children under the age of 6 are free, while campsites are $10 per night, per person.

Stay safe this summer, and happy camping!