Nothing but rainy days ahead of us it seems for the next little while, but that doesn’t mean that you have to just camp out at home and wait for the sunshine to return. In fact, there are a lot of rainy day activities that Squamish has to offer. Browse the list below for your […]

We may be in November, but that doesn’t mean that Fall is over. There are still plenty of activities to do in the month to come before the snow sets in, so if you’re looking for ideas to do this weekend, check out the list below. 1. Hiking: A true classic of this time of […]

It’s no secret that Squamish is the ultimate place to go if you’re wanting to get lost in nature, but there truly is no better time to take in Squamish’s beauty than the Fall. Coniferous and deciduous trees shed their leafy greens and replace them with bright, bold sunset colours of red, orange, and yellow. […]