We may be in November, but that doesn’t mean that Fall is over. There are still plenty of activities to do in the month to come before the snow sets in, so if you’re looking for ideas to do this weekend, check out the list below.

1. Hiking: A true classic of this time of year. Squamish is home to many different trails and paths that range from family-friendly, to more intense hikes for the experienced hiker. Before the rain and snow make things a little harder, get out and take in the beautiful fall colours.

2. Rock Climbing: Although a little more extreme than hiking, there’s no better time to hit the granite than when the temperatures are cooler out. Not only will it be less exhausting without the hot summer sun pounding on your back, but the cooler temperatures actually provide better friction, making the climb a little easier. Guided tours are available around Squamish if you don’t have any rock climbing buddies.

3. Golfing: Both Furry Creek Golf and Country Club and the Squamish Valley Golf Course provide beautiful views while you hit the green. Golfing is a seasonal sport, best enjoyed during sunny days, so be sure to get your tee time before the clubs close their fairways.

4. Fishing: Whether you prefer to fish in a river or a lake, prefer saltwater or freshwater, Squamish has a fishing destination for you. Fall is a popular time to fish as the salmon return to the rivers.

5. Paddleboating: Get out on the water for a scenic and relaxing time taking in all the beautiful scenery. Just be sure to bundle up as it can get quite chilly.