Nowadays, new homes are pretty well equipped for handling weather conditions with insulated windows, radiant floor heating, and new sealant around the doors and windows, but even then, your home is not immune to the cold. While you may run to the gas fireplace or the thermostat to heat the home, such things can be costly, so without further ado, here are some tips for keeping your home warm this coming winter.

Open the blinds on sunny days

While the weather outside may be frightful and chilly even in the sunny spots, the warmth that the sun does produce can be absorbed by your home. Therefore, while the sun is still in the sky, open the blinds to let the sun heat your home. Only when the sun has gone down should you also lower your blinds to prevent heat escaping. It may not be the fastest way to heat your home, but if you’re out all day at work and want to come home to a toasty house, this is one energy efficient and safe way to do so.

Lower the thermostat

Cranking the thermostat is a costly mistake that doesn’t have a lot of effect on your home, but a lot of effect on your heating bill. Let the home heat up slowly so you don’t end up making it too hot and suffocating so you resort to opening the window to let some cool air in. Especially at night as well, turn it right down as you won’t need it when you’re nestled under blankets and in flannel pyjamas.

Search for and repair any leaks around the windows

This is the main cause of homes either not heating up or not staying warm for long. To test and see whether you have any cracks in your sealant, take something lightweight like a piece of tissue paper or a kleenex and run it around the perimeter of your window slowly. If it flutters, that means there is a breeze coming through. Repair any of these small cracks with sealant to enjoy a warmer winter.