Congratulations to Squamish in ranking #1 for the best city to work in for the second time in three years. The quaint, but steadily rising city first rose to fame in 2017 when it peaked as #1, then dropped to #3 in 2018, before clawing its way back to the top spot in 2019. Many have just viewed Squamish as a pit stop city–a place to grab a quick snack and fill up on gas before continuing their journey up north, but more and more people are realizing the potential and growth that the mountainous city offers and are now seeking housing and employment.

Squamish’s claim to fame was based on the following factors, taken from BCBUSINESS who conducts the study every year. These include: “average household income, household income for primary earners under age 35, five-year income growth, average household spending on recreation, average shelter costs, five-year population growth and unemployment rate.”

For a more detailed look at the numbers, check out the specifics below:


Average household income (10%): $116,171

Average household income under 35 (10%): $77,294

Five-year average household income growth (15%): 23.1%

Average household spending on recreation (10%): $5,692

Average shelter spending (10%): $26,207

Average value of primary real estate (5%): $836,807

Average commute in minutes (10%): 27.1

Five-year population growth (10%): 13.1%

Housing starts per 10,000 residents (10%): 137.7

Unemployment rate (10%): 4.5%

As you can see, especially if you take a look at the other cities metrics, Squamish is the perfect place to relocate if you’re expanding your family or looking for your next employment venture. Squamish is expected to remain high on the list in the coming years with no foreseeable drop anytime soon.

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