The neighbourhood in which the home you’re looking at is in can either make or break your decision on whether to purchase it or not. If it’s your first time in Squamish, you may not know about the different neighbourhoods and what each one of them has in store. So, before making the move, why not scroll further down to find out more about each one.


If you want to be within a 30min driving distance to the beautiful touristic town of Whistler, Brackendale is the neighbourhood for you. Located in northern Squamish, Brackendale is a valley that has a good mix of nature aspects for the ones who prefer a quieter neighbourhood with plenty of green spaces and the Squamish River running through the heart of it, while also catering to those who like to be close near amenities like cafes and other small shops. For larger scale amenities, Brackendale is only a quick 10min drive to downtown Squamish.

Garibaldi Highlands

The Garibaldi Highlands are about as suburban as you can get with hardly any noise from the surrounding areas. That’s mainly because Garibaldi Highlands is located on a hill surrounded by trees and mountains, perfect for hiker enthusiasts who need to be close by trails and parks for a good time. The area also features the prestigious Quest University, a highly sought after liberal arts school, and panoramic views of the ocean and valleys below. Shops are located just 5min  away by car.

Central Squamish

Central Squamish hosts a variety of smaller communities consisting of Brennan Park, Dentville/Northyards, and Garibaldi Estates. All these neighbourhoods are located on flat terrain, making it perfect for those who like to get around by bicycle.

Northyards, Dentville, and Brennan Park are all currently under developed and not as established as Garibaldi Estates. All areas are currently undergoing condo and townhome developments, but are expected to flourish as they are centrally located to all major shops and hubs.


Probably the most popular neighbourhood, downtown Squamish has seen a massive population boost over the last little while, leading to a high demand for condos and townhomes alike. Although noisier than the other areas, due to it being so close to everything you could possibly need, many people choose to move to this area for the convenience. And that’s a perfectly valid reason. Downtown Squamish is home to Save-On-Foods, Nesters Market, and two large shopping centers that house popular retail stores. Both an elementary and secondary school are centrally located as well for families with both younger and older children.


At the southern end of Squamish sits Valleycliffe, located on a cliff with panoramic views of the beautiful Howe Sound. This neighbourhood is perfect for residents who want to escape the city and live in nature, but are at the best location for visiting both Vancouver and Downtown Squamish with limited driving time. Valleycliffe also has its own little gems to avoid going downtown with a convenience store, cafe, gym, and other small shops.

Squamish Valley/Rural Squamish

For the true nature experience, Squamish Valley is the place to be. Up in the mountains, far away from the busy city, this area mostly caters to farmers and those who don’t care about having no cell service as it cuts out around the 10 mile marker up the mountain. However, it isn’t totally off the grid. The Squamish Valley has a school–the Coast Mountain Outdoor School. See? Even the school is as close to nature as possible.

Hopefully this has given you a better idea of what to expect when moving to the Squamish area. With these things in mind, as well as the help of a realtor, we guarantee you’ll make the right decision and love your life in the beautiful city of Squamish.