You may think that starting a business in a smaller community compared to a well-populated city would be a drawback, but it’s actually a huge opportunity, especially if you have a service or a product that isn’t already readily available to the public. Squamish is slowly steadily growing in numbers over the years, and a previous blog of our’s back in February was centered around Squamish being the top place to work in B.C. But what starting a business? Does it measure up to the same status? Of course it does! Here are the top 3 reasons why starting your business in Squamish is the best choice for you.

Educated and Talented Population

The majority of the people who call Squamish their home are well educated people who carry a variety of useful skills and knowledge to help drive your business forward. Finding the right people to work for your business will never be easier, and the bright side of having your business in a smaller community not having to sift through hundreds of resumes to find the right candidates, nor having to hire as many to keep up with traffic. It’s the perfect place to test the waters before you plan on expanding to larger areas.

A Generous Community

Squamish is known for his tight-knit and caring community and is full of people who radiate positivity and a drive for making Squamish a wonderful place to live. The average age of the population is between 25-45; young adults who have kind hearts and are willing to help drive the community forward. This means businesses helping other businesses, people spreading the word about their new favourite shop, having regulars who you can build long-lasting, and potentially beneficial relationships with. People care about the success of small businesses and appealing to this age group and generation can go a long way for both you and your business.


Just because Squamish is almost an hour out of the city of Vancouver doesn’t mean that it’s a ghost town. In fact, in terms of visitors, Squamish goes toe to toe with Vancouver since it’s located off of Highway 99 which sees around 8 million cars per year. That’s a lot of potential customers and clients, especially since Squamish holds an important spot in the tourism industry all year round. This means that in addition to the local, loyal community that calls Squamish their home, your business can achieve growth quite quickly by benefiting from the out of town visitors who frequent Squamish on their list of places to see in BC. Squamish is also in the center of all major transportation routes, meaning that if your business relies on importing and exporting goods, there are many ports in which this can be achieved such as sea, rail, and of course: the highway.

So what are you waiting for? If you were still wondering where to launch your business before this, you can rest easy now knowing that the right choice is Squamish.