Ready for a change of pace and environment? Are you ready to move away from the city and replace the view of skyscrapers with mountains? Then Squamish just might be the place for you, and we’ve got many reasons why you should call Squamish your next home.

Squamish is for the nature lovers, the adventure enthusiasts, and most importantly: the family. Nowhere else in BC can you find a place as vibrant as the mountain town where you can enjoy a plethora of activities all year round. In the warmer months, you have biking, hiking, fishing, and boating, and then when the snow falls, it’s time to whip out the skis and snowboards and hit the slopes. But even with all of these, Squamish is just a beautiful place to be. Even though it grows in size every year, Squamish still has that small town feeling that makes you feel welcome, and the residents prove that even more.

Because of its growing size, Squamish has transformed itself from a tiny logging town into a place of opportunity. Where one or two cafes stood, now boasts restaurants, local boutiques, retailers, gyms, and just about everything else that you would be able to find in Vancouver. Entreprenuers are flocking in every year to get their foot in the door as Squamish has porven to be one of the most vibrant and fastest growing neighbourhoods.

Squamish is friendly for all ages, but in recent times, it seems to have become a new hub for young families. In fact, according to the census, the average age of Squamish residents is 38, though the community is quite diverse and has something for every age group. Maybe it’s the fresh mountain air that makes people want to raise their families here, or maybe it’s the feeling of belonging that the residents feel from being so connected to one another. Either way, if you’re looking to make lifelong friends, Squamish is the place for you.

If you’re serious about moving to Squamish, we still have homes available at beautiful Cleveland Gardens. But hurry! They’re selling fast and there’s no telling when another opportunity like this will arise. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and set up a viewing. We’d love to make you part of the Squamish family.